K-Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise

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ACE has been recognized as a K-centre
and can officially carry the
CLARIN K-centre label

Atypical communication encompasses language and speech as encountered during (second) language acquisition and development, and in language disorders, but also more broadly in bilingual language development and in sign language.

Our centre is specialised in this type of research and concomitant infrastructural issues related to data acquisition, processing and sharing, which is typically highly characterised by sensitivity issues.

If you have questions about atypical communication, or would like advice or assistance, feel free to contact us.

The ACE centre is based at CLST at Radboud University Nijmegen. 

CLST is embedded in CLS and closely affiliated to the Department of Language & Communication of the Radboud University Nijmegen. CLST is also a CLARIN C centre specialised in language and speech corpora for atypical speech.



The Language Archive

For data storage and access the centre collaborates with MPI’s TLA (The Language Archive) which is a CLARIN B Centre and also based in Nijmegen.


CMU Talkbank

Our collaboration with Talkbank allows that data can be registered at Talkbank and obtains its metadata and landing page there whereas the actual storage of and authentication of access to the data is done at the TLA.



In an international perspective ACE is closely related to the DELAD taskforce wich focussing on sharing corpora and datasets of disordered speech.


ACE offers the following services:

Hosting corpora and datasets
Hosting corpora and datasets containing atypical communication
Helpdesk/consultancy for questions on these topics