K-Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise


"Collaboration with TLA for hosting resources and CMU Talkbank"
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The Language Archive of the MPI in Nijmegen

The Language Archive of the MPI in Nijmegen is a CLARIN B Centre (ref). The TLA offers storage of sensitive data (both speech, audio and transcripts) and supports the CMDI metadata framework. TLA supports strong authentication procedures, layered access to data, and persistent identification.


There is a close collaboration with Talkbank (ref). Our collaboration allows that dat can be registered at Talkbank and obtains its metadata and landing page there whereas the actual storage of and authentication of access to the data is done at the TLA.


In an international perspectvie ACE is closely related to the DELAD taskforce wich focussing on sharing corpora and datasets of disordered speech.