K-Centre for Atypical Communication Expertise


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ACE will offer the following services:

  • Information and guidelines about:
    • consent (forms)
    • hosting corpora and datasets containing atypical communication
    • where to find corpora and datasets containing atypical communication
    • including FAQ
  • Helpdesk/consultancy for questions on these topics
  • Technical assistance for designing, creating, annotating, formatting and metadating these resources
  • Outreach: presentations, workshops contributions, etc

The items in the list above meet a number of demands for which researchers have expressed a need. Typically, assistance in designing and collecting corpora containing atypical communication with consent forms that are GDPR-proof, is considered of great value, as are references to available guidelines and tools for annotating such resources. How to make the resources accessible and share them with other researchers is another issue for which special expertise is requested.

ACE is happy to advise on such issues and also to participate in projects where the acquisition and/or creation of such data collections is foreseen.